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CAM03983All breeds of dogs are welcome at Curry’s Grooming Shop. A full grooming service includes two baths, cutting and grinding of toe nails, plucking and cleaning of the ears and the clipping and scissoring for a haircut of your choice. The base shampoo we use is an all-natural neem shampoo, from Tropiclean, that safely and efficiently kills both fleas and ticks. For a second shampoo we have a variety of all natural shampoos and will chose which one is best for your dog. All of the products we use are available for purchase for home use.

Prices for grooming vary depending on the size and the degree of difficulty of the dog. Please call for an appointment, approximate price quote or any other questions.

Grooming is Tuesday through Saturday

Additional services offered:

  • Spa Treatment: includes a special spa shampoo, vitamin conditioner, blueberry facial scrub, soothing paw treatment and an aromatherapy treatment. $15
  • Blueberry Facial: $5
  • Nail Painting: $5
  • Teeth Brushing: includes an enzyme based plaque and tarter treatment, brushing your dog’s teeth and giving them a fresh breath treatment $6
  • Nail Trimming: includes cutting and grinding nails. $15