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We also offer boarding for when you need to leave your dog. Our goal is to make you and your dog as comfortable as possible while you are away. We have six extra-large 4×6 kennels inside with constant video monitoring. We offer bedding, toys, dishes and dog food. The dog food we provide is a premium dry, all-natural chicken and rice food by Nutri Source.  It is a reduced fat and reduced calorie food. This makes it a bland food that is easy for dogs to switch over to. Cold purified water is provided at all times. If you prefer to bring your dog’s own food or comfort items from home, such as bedding or toys, you are more than welcome to. Every dog has their own cubby to keep their belongings, the only thing we ask is that everything be machine washable so if they have an accident we don’t send you home with dirty laundry. If your dog needs to take any kind of medication we will administer them at no additional cost. In addition to the inside kennels we have several large outdoor yards for your dog to use. All dogs are welcome to spend as much time outside as they would like, weather permitting.

In order for your dog to stay here we require proof of vaccinations. These can either be brought with you when you drop off your dog or faxed to us by your vet. The three vaccinations we require are Rabies, Distemper/Parvo and a Kennel Cough vaccination. We also ask that your dog be clean, house broken and friendly, since we need to be able to handle them. “No fleas please”